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Program Overview

JROTC creates great citizens, great leaders, great communicaters, and strong human beings.

JROTC is a character, leadership, and citizenship building program created alongside the National Defense Act of 1916. It's primary mission? "To motivate young people to be better citizens". 

In JROTC, you will learn how to be an effective leader, whether your in charge of a squad, a platoon, or maybe, an enitre battalion, we will help equip you with the fundemental values of leadership and help you hone them in through a structure that is military styled.

JROTC instills the values of self dicipline through uniform wear and marching. Weather it be drill, raiders, air-rifle, JLAB, Raiders, or just daily school responsibilties, we give 150% to everything we do. Every passing day is better than the last.  

If you want to take up a challange, improve yourself, get out of your comfort zone, get involved with the commuinty, and be a part of something bigger than yourself, try JROTC.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Uniform days are typically once per week.